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We’ve Moved! Unveiling Our New Chapter of Paramedical and Cosmetic Tattoo Alongside Be Well Newport

Woman tattoo artist meticulously working on a client's cosmetic tattoo in the bright, modern studio of Newport Beach, showcasing expertise and focus.

A Significant Milestone in Our Journey

Announcing a brand new location at 408 Westminster Ave, Suite 10, in the heart of Newport Beach. This move isn’t just about a new address; it's about stepping into a space that reflects our dedication to beauty enhancement and holistic well-being. In this exciting new chapter, we’re not just moving; we’re evolving and expanding our services to provide you with the very best in paramedical and cosmetic tattoo in Newport Beach! We've teamed up with Be Well Newport Beach, the premier destination for Acupuncture, lymphatic drainage, therapeutic massage and body contouring with emszero Emsculpt, to offer you a truly comprehensive wellness experience.

Navigating the Move: Our Story of Evolution

Moving to a new location comes with its set of challenges, from the logistics of relocating to ensuring the new space meets the high standards we set for ourselves and our clients. However, every challenge was met with determination and transformed into an opportunity to grow. The result? A beautifully designed studio that’s not only easily accessible but designed to make every visit a memorable one.

A Collaboration Rooted in Wellness

At our new address, you’ll find more than just the exceptional cosmetic and paramedical tattoo services we’re known for, including microblading, lip blushing, powder brows, eyeliner, lash enhancement, fine line tattoo, scar camouflage, and notably, our areola reconstruction tattoo (Yes, we accept insurance). We’ve proudly joined forces with Be Well Newport, renowned for their exceptional massage therapy and wellness offerings. This collaboration is born from a shared vision to offer a holistic approach to beauty and wellness, ensuring every client leaves feeling rejuvenated, inside and out.

A Welcoming Space for All

Our new studio in Suite 10 at 408 Westminster Ave is meticulously designed to be a sanctuary where advanced beauty techniques meet therapeutic wellness practices. Every aspect of our services, from microblading to the art of areola reconstruction, is performed in a space that celebrates and supports your journey to self-confidence and recovery.

In partnering with Be Well Newport, we’re excited to introduce you to a world where your beauty treatments can be complemented by the healing and restorative benefits of massage. It’s a holistic approach to care that we’re honored to offer.

What’s New and What’s Next

With the move to our new location, not only have we expanded our beauty enhancement services, but we've also embraced the opportunity to integrate wellness into our offerings more deeply. This expansion includes our commitment to providing accessible areola reconstruction tattoo services, with insurance options available for those undergoing breast cancer recovery.

Let’s Embark on This Journey Together

As we open the doors to our new home at 408 Westminster Ave, Suite 10, we’re filled with gratitude and excitement for what’s ahead. We invite you to explore the enhanced beauty and wellness journey we offer, in collaboration with Be Well Newport. Whether you're seeking to enhance your natural beauty or find a moment of relaxation with Thai massage, our new location is your sanctuary for rejuvenation.

Ready to experience the holistic beauty and wellness journey at our new Newport Beach location? Book your appointment today and discover the personalized care and transformative services that await you. Together with Be Well Newport, we look forward to welcoming you to our new space, where every visit is an opportunity for renewal and celebration of your unique beauty and well-being.

Welcome to the next level of beauty and relaxation. We can't wait to share this journey with you.

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