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Annual Touchup

Eternal Elegance: Preserve Your Look with Our Signature Annual Touch-Up

  • 2 hr
  • Price After Consult
  • Newport Beach

Service Description

Stay stunningly radiant all year round with Beauty Ink Studio's annual touchup service for brows and lips. This crucial maintenance appointment ensures your semi-permanent makeup stays vibrant and defined, preserving your investment and confidence. Our annual touchup service focuses on refreshing and maintaining the results of your microblading, microshading, or lip blushing treatments. Over the course of the year, natural fading may occur due to various factors such as sun exposure, skin type, and skincare routines. Our expert artists meticulously retouch your features, replenishing lost pigment and fine-tuning the shape to ensure your brows and lips maintain their youthful, vibrant appearance. At Beauty Ink Studio, we understand that lasting beauty requires care and commitment. Our annual touchup service is designed to uphold the quality of your treatments, helping you maintain that freshly-treated look throughout the year. Embrace the joy of ever-lasting beauty. Schedule your annual touchup at Beauty Ink Studio today!

Cancellation Policy

Payment Policy The deposit securing your appointment is non-refundable. By proceeding to checkout, you agree to this policy. I appreciate your understanding.

Contact Details

  • 408 Westminster Avenue, Newport Beach, CA, USA


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